Our Adoption Timeline

4/21/12 - Began the adoption process
5/6/12 - 1st Home Study Visit
5/15/12 - 2nd Home Study Visit
5/16/12 - Sent off background checks & child abuse registery forms
5/17/12 - Applied For Passports
5/17/12 - Got fingerprinted
5/23/12 - Required Physical & Doctor's Letter of Reference
5/31/12 - Wife Got Her Required Physical & Doctor's Letter of Reference
6/7/12 - Received Passports
6/11/12 - Benjamin Got His Physical & Doctor's Letter of Reference
7/1/12 - Got & Revised Draft of Home Study
7/13/12 - Home Study Completed
7/18/12 - Completed & sent off I-600A
8/21/12 - Sent dossier to be apostilled
8/29/12 - Dossier Arrives in Ukraine
9/4/12 - I-600A Approved
9/7/12 - I-171H Sent To Ukraine
9/19/12 - Ukrainian Gov't. Receives Dossier For Review
10/24/12 - Dossier gets "soft" return
10/26/12 - Get 7 Documents Apostilled Again
10/27/12 - Resend 7 Documents to Ukraine
10/31/12 - Revised Pages of Dossier Resubmitted to SDA
11/29/12 - Issued Invitation By SDA
12/9/12 - Arrived in Kiev
12/10/12 - SDA Appointment
12/12/12 - Met our son for the 1st time
12/17/12 - Documents From Orphanage Turned In To SDA
12/29/12  - Court Date
1/8/13 - Danelle Returns To Ukraine
1/9/13 - Got Cava's Birth Certificate & Applied For Passport
1/16/13 - Submitted Forms To American Embassy
1/18/13 - Cava Had His Medical Exam & Got His Visa
1/19/13 - Cava Came Home


  1. What a process! 50 years ago we adopted our daughter in Ontario after being married nearly 7 years. then we had another girl. It was 17 years later when we took over our first daughter's son and in 2 years her second; she is bi-polar and couldn't cope. They have kept us young.
    My friend's daughter had her first adopted child from China and the second from S. Africa;they have a happy family.
    I have a child through Gospel for Asia which uses almost 100% of money for Bridge of Hope children It is a wonderful organisation- mainly in India. We lived in Malaysia for 5 years and value the work of organisations you mention.We have girl with Compassion in Uganda but our other support helps the Christian Blind Mission which we visited in 1964 in Quetta. They help children with all kinds of disabilities now. Christians world wide do good work; they are God's hands and feet.
    Thank you for this wwonderful website.Blessings on your family and all you do.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share that. I always love hearing from others about their own adoption journey.